Vida-Mend Packages:


Basic Hydration 1 liter of fluids provides quick relief of acute dehydration :
Athletic Performance This is for the athlete trying to gain an edge. It includes a liter of fluids and 200mg of B Vitamins to replenish or prepare for an event:
Glutathione Very powerful antioxidant that's great for removing free radicals and detoxing your body:
Over Served? To alleviate the effects of dehydration from overindulgence and level out the bodys electrolytes, we administer fluids, medications, and vitamins. You'll be back on your feet in no time:
Revive Cocktail When you need a big pick-me-up to get over jet lag, chronic fatigue, or just a long week, this is great. It has 1 liter of fluids, B Vitamins and Vitamin C:
Illness Recovery Revive Cocktail and medications for nausea:
Immune System Boost After work, kids, school, and all other things that consume our time, our immune system takes a back seat. This treatment has fluids, B vitamins, Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant :
Migraine Reliever We start with fluids to expand the constricted blood vessels, then add anti-inflammatory, and nausea medication to provide a quick relief:
Skin Rejuvenation High dose of Vitamin C to promote collagen, Glutathione to even out your complexion,
and 1000ml of fluids for healthy hydrated skin:
Over Served? PLUS A little too much fun last night? This treatment has double the amount of fluids as the Over Served along everything else
Complexion Enhancer The best way to naturally promote collagen is Vitamin C. This treatment has a high dose of vitamin C, antioxidants, and a liter of fluids. You will see a noticeable difference after very few infusions
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